uHoo can work anywhere indoors. However, there are some best practices to take note of to ensure that you get the most accurate readings.

Place your uHoo at sitting or standing height

Air continuously moves around your home. Some gases flow upwards while others would remain at the sitting or standing height. In order to get the most accurate readings, it’s best to place your uHoo on a table or shelf approximately 0.9 meters (~3 feet) to 1.8 meters (~6 feet) above the floor.

Make sure there’s proper air flow

uHoo needs natural air flow so that the air in your home can flow into your uHoo and provide you with accurate readings. It is best to keep your uHoo 5 to 10 centimeters (2 to 4 inches) away from any wall or structure.

Also make sure that the air in the immediate surrounding of uHoo is not influenced by outside factors. These factors can be in various forms such as wind direction of an air-conditioner or fan, beside an open window, or heat from any of appliances such as television, oven, desktop computers, etc. These factors may influence the readings.

Just leave it in one place

uHoo regularly calibrates its sensors to ensure the long term performance and accuracy of the readings.

Powering off the device and moving it to a different location would interrupt the regular calibration cycle of the sensors and may affect the accuracy once you power it on. The device would need to go through a few calibration cycles to regain its accuracy after you power the device back on.

We recommend leaving your uHoo in the room where you spend most of your time in. This can be the bedroom, kid’s room, living room, or kitchen.

Every uHoo can cover 50 to 80 square meters (550 to 850 square feet) of open space.

Cleaning and maintaining my uHoo

You can use a clean lint-free cloth to wipe the outside of your uHoo. Do not use water or any type of cleaning solution or liquid to clean your uHoo as that may damage the product.

You may also occasionally clean the sensors by using a compressed can of air. Just hold it at the top of your uHoo and spray it at an angle to clear out the inside of your uHoo. We recommend doing this every 12 months.

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