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The uHoo air quality monitor helps fight the invisible war at home.

Air quality monitors: What to know, according to doctors
Do you need an air quality monitor? Doctors weigh in and recommend how to make the most of air quality monitors.

uHoo raises fresh funding led by Wavemaker to 'meet the increased demand' for its indoor air quality sensors
uHoo monitors nine air quality parameters and also provides data, alerts, insights and recommendations via its mobile app

Designing leadership: 4 qualities to drive companies towards the future
For uHoo founder Dustin Onghanseng, investing in the wellbeing of workers is key, especially in an era so centered on health. His award-winning startup offers air purifiers and smart monitoring systems to improve indoor air quality.

Fresh Air Quantified - introducing uHoo
Healthy air for a happy, productive day

Many of us worry about the air we breathe the moment we step out of our homes. It is because the Philippines, particularly Metro Manila, has one of the worst air pollution levels in the world.

As businesses around the world look to recover from the negative effects of the pandemic, there is a growing push towards sustainability - for companies to develop and integrate practices that will help them not only to survive but to grow and contribute to the improvement of people’s lives.

Through the VMC Solution, building owners and occupants can now get reliable real-time indoor air information and insights, and immediately resolve any issues that could negatively affect health.