A podcast about creating a healthy home and life with good indoor air quality. Each month we will speak with experts and share helpful information and insights about anything and everything that concerns the air we breathe and how we can protect the health and safety of our homes and families while staying indoors – from understanding indoor pollutants, the benefits of ventilation, the importance of continuous air quality monitoring to new technologies and more.

Episode 9: How Building Materials Affect Indoor Air Quality and Our Health

Several studies show that people are affected by indoor air pollution caused by building materials – through inhalation, digestion, and the skin. The indoor air polluters differ due to physical conditions indoors, the design of the buildings, environmental features that exist in the building and also the behavior of the people living there. Research also supports the thesis that healthy circumstances cannot be maintained in buildings that are newly developed or improved; furthermore, it is reported that 30% of the buildings caused “Sick Building Syndrome” and an estimated 50% of building structures in the United States have indoor environmental drawbacks.

Let’s discuss how this focus towards non-toxic building materials started – what were the concerns that propelled it and what were the challenges that proponents like our guest here have faced. What are the effects of building materials on the air we breathe?

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Episode 9: How Building Materials Affect Indoor Air Quality and Our HealthListen Now!