Having a safe environment for our kids is an eternal battle. Fighting allergies, asthma, and many other respiratory diseases can make your life miserable – and your family’s too. We all know what it takes to keep a home clean.

But what about the air itself?

Every family wants to have a healthy home and that their children breathe clean air, but just a few actually understand what is bad air or how to change things once you notice a problem.

With a little help, you can improve your home’s indoor air quality and have a calmer, healthier and better life.

Clean it up

Regular sweeping and dusting is definitely the most effective way to guarantee a healthy environment. If you have pets, this is even more necessary, because fur and dust set up in every little corner, and they are just waiting to make your allergy worse.

No carpets allowed

We know that during wintertime, carpets are nice to keep your feet away from the cold. But they are a wonderland for dirt, pollen and other particles. You have two options: have a heavy vacuum cleaner (and clean it every other day) or change to flooring like tiles and hardwood.

Safe cleaning

Using cleaning products can worsen your family’s breathing depending on their components. Always try to buy natural cleaning products, or even start making yours with common ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. If odor is a problem, try to use orange peels or cinnamon sticks candles to help you out. Try to avoid heavy air fresheners, because they bring a lot of bad chemicals into your house.

Air Quality Sensor

Understanding the air you breathe can be tough. We never know exactly what’s going on around us, and having an Indoor Air Quality Monitor can help you understand and make changes accordingly. uHoo analyses and sends you advices on how to breathe better, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Go green!

Air purifying plants can make a difference at your place. Have you checked our article about the 10 Best Plants For A Better Indoor Quality?

Open your windows

Having good ventilation at your house can help you fight allergies and bad air. Always open your windows so the air can circulate and bring you fresh air even during cold days. Of course, plan beforehand – don’t forget about pollen season.

What other tips do you have for creating a better environment for your family? Share with us! 🙂

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