Parents fear many things when it comes to their children. They fear the future. They fear the accidents or injuries that could happen. Imagine the fear of parents who have kids with asthma! Their fear is magnified. Their kids could have an asthma attack at any given moment and it can be extremely stressful.


So, how can parents manage the anxiety that comes with asthma?


Be Prepared

In any situation—whether it’s an asthma attack or an emergency situation at home—it’s always best to be prepared. How? The first step is to write an asthma action plan.  What are the steps that you need to do in the event of an attack? Write down every possible scenario and the corresponding action.

Fear usually stems from the unknown. Having an action plan allows you to focus on what you should do and helps you to keep calm during stressful times.


Share Your Pain and Plan With Others

You don’t have to bear all the fear and anxiety alone Once you have the asthma action plan, share it with your partner and other family members. Which specific action should they take? What’s their role during an asthma attack?

Sharing your pain with other parents who have kids with asthma might do wonders for your mental health. Plus, you can exchange best practices. It’s best to start with your own community. However, connecting with other parents online can also be a good starting point. WebMD, for instance, has a section dedicated to the Asthma Community. There are also plenty of Facebook Groups that discuss asthma related issues.


Learn Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques should not be limited to asthma sufferers. Parents can also get immense benefits from learning breathing techniques. The best and easiest way to get started is to start practicing yoga at home. Several studies suggest that yoga practice can help reduce the impact of exaggerated stress responses. Hence, it can be helpful for anxiety and even depression.

There are many guided online courses, both free and paid, that can get your foot in the wonderful world of yoga.

Yes, it’s true, having a kid with asthma can make parents seem on edge, but as long as you’re prepared and stay in your zen zone, you’ll remain strong and calm when your kids need you the most.

Understand What You’re Breathing

Once you understand what’s happening around you and hat can cause an asthma attack, you’ll be ready when your kid needs you. But how to test air quality in your home? A smart air sensor will tell you the levels of carbon dioxide and other toxins that may cause breathing problems, sending you alerts directly to your phone when the air isn’t perfect for your family.

Breathing is simple and natural, and doing these tiny things can benefit you in a big way.



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