We all love decorating our home and having plants inside might help when it comes to breathing better. We all know that plants take carbon dioxide out of the air, but that’s not the only thing plants do for indoor air quality. There really is no better way to make natural improvements to your home’s air quality; it’s easy, it makes your home look beautiful and it’s extremely low maintenance.

But What Are The 10 Best Plants For A Better Indoor Air Quality?

Most of these plants are easily found at your local flower shop or market.

Pick one or several, start your own collection and enjoy the benefits they’ll bring you while they filter chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene and also provide oxygen for you and your family. Awesome, right?

Aloe Vera

This plant is famous for its healing ability, which helps healing burns and cuts. However, it’s a great plant to keep your house free from benzene – usually found in paint and chemical cleaners.

Peace Lily

This plant is both beautiful and helpful: it can improve your indoor air quality by 60%, reducing the levels of mold and mildew.

Spider Plant

This is a super common houseplant and is also easy to grow. Just in two days it can absorb harmful substances like mold and other toxins, so it’s perfect for those with allergies.

English Ivy

This plant is perfect for those who also have pets at home, as it helps to reduce the amount of airborne fecal matter and absorbs formaldehyde, which is found in cleaning products.

Boston Fern

Beauty and benefits altogether, this plant act as a humidifier and help to restore moisture indoors – perfect for those who suffer from dry skin.


This plant has been used for years for all kinds of conditions. It’s a tricky plant to find in a houseplant form, but if you do, consider adding it to your collection.

Chinese Evergreen

Easy to care, small and it can also produce little red berries that can help removing toxins from the air. The longer this plant lives, the more toxins will remove.


Beautiful flowers that are easily found in local flower shops or plant nurseries, being a wonderful choice for filtering out benzene.

Devil’s Ivy

This plant with evergreen vines should be kept close to a window, without direct sunlight. It’s cleanses the air from benzene, xylene and formaldehyde. Keep it away from your pets, because it can be dangerous.

Flamingo Lily

With beautiful flowers, this plant helps removing ammonia and toluene from your house or even your office. This one is harder to keep indoors, leave it close to the windows with indirect light.


Now it’s time to choose one (or many) plant to keep your house beautiful and fresh! What’s going to be your choice?


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