Smart homes are a real thing. Back in the day, we would think of all the cool things we could have at our place that would help us live better. Now, with a lot of options, you need to know which products will bring you more convenience than dissatisfaction.

We’ve listed 5 cool products around the web to have a smart house. Yay to technology!

August Smart Lock

Smart locks are helpful for those who have bad memory and always forget their keys, or for people who rent rooms for strangers. This Smart Lock is pretty, isn’t hard to install and goes over your deadbolt (instead of having to replace everything). It’s controlled remotely by your smartphone and you can allow people to come over anytime, just by using the app.

Logitech Harmony Home Control

This Home Control can connect to your house lights, speakers, TVs and many other electronic devices. It’s awesome to have one to set up everything before getting home, so once you arrive you don’t have to wait for the thermostat to start working or your Netflix show to start playing.


This indoor air quality sensor sends you messages when the air quality in your house is not as good as it should be, records your respiratory conditions and checks current and historical data by hour, day, week or month. You can customize when you want to be alerted regarding temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, VOCs and air pressure, all this directly on your smartphone.

Roomba 980

This semi-autonomous robot vacuum it’s smart as it can be. You can schedule the cleaning from your smartphone, no matter if you’re close to it or not. It cleans for up to 120 minutes and then recharges to start cleaning again until it finishes the job.

Belkin WeMo Switch

This device will help you so you can never worry if you left something plugged once you’re out of your house. It plugs into an outlet, and connected to your WiFi network, allowing you to turn off whatever it’s plugged. It definitely helps those who always leave the house thinking if the iron was left turned on.

Having a Smart House has never been so easy. Do you have other tips for cool gadgets?

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