People who suffer from asthma need extra advice when it comes to moving the body.

But what are the best exercises for those who struggle with asthma?

Exercising is essential because improves your health, your mood gives you tons of energy and helps you have a good sleep at night. Besides all that – it can be super fun. If you have asthma, it strengthens your lungs and improves your breathing, so it’s a win-win situation.

Even if 80% of asthmatics also have exercise-induced asthma (EIA) – which can be tough if you’re exercising in the cold dry air – there are other options for working out without having an asthma attack.

We picked the best 7 workouts that all asthmatics can participate in. Shall we? 🙂


It helps you relax your mind, improve your breathing skills and is usually done indoors – so if the indoor air quality is good, it’s a perfect activity.


Walking is always a good activity. But choose wisely – try to avoid pollen season and morning walks, when the pollen count is super high.


Even if it’s outside or indoors, this is a great exercise. But like walking, try to choose the perfect moment of the day to start this activity.


This is definitely the best exercise for asthmatics. The air around pools is warm and moist, and it’s less likely that it’ll trigger your asthma.

Team activities

This includes soccer, volleyball and baseball and it’s good because you’ll only move when the ball is rolling (and still get some exercise done).

Martial Arts

Usually done indoors, it can help you build muscle tone and understand your body strength with its short movements.

Jogging or running

This is listed as the last option because it should only be done if you have controlled asthma, when the weather is warm on indoors, with a good pace and good breathing control.


After those ideas, what’s going to be your choice of exercise? Don’t let asthma control your life and start exercising!

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