Enhanced human health, resource efficiency and sustainability are at the core of our advocacy. With the main objective of improving every household and business customers’ quality of life, we commit ourselves to delivering smart indoor air quality solutions while ensuring that our products are environmentally-friendly.

uHoo Aura has been certified under the SGBC Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification scheme, under the Smart Products category, an industry first.

The SGBP certification scheme is a certification programme for green building products and materials. It is based on scientific and engineering principles and built upon the collective knowledge and expertise of the building and construction industry. The SGBP advances the built environment to one that is greener and more carbon-efficient while facilitating sustainable procurement. The certification ensures that sustainability is integrated throughout the design and manufacturing process of products.

The SGBP assesses products and materials on their sustainability performance. The assessment criteria are categorised into common criteria which apply to most products and specific criteria which apply only to relevant products. For some products, the assessment criteria cover the whole product lifecycle, while for other products, the assessment criteria focus on select lifecycle stages across raw material extraction or cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, use, and end-of-use.

A holistic approach to sustainability is taken for certification. The SGBP certifies building products for their performance across five areas of environmental and health impacts over the whole lifecycle of a product: from extraction or cultivation of raw materials through to end-of-use management. Products and materials certified by the SGBP are highly recognised under the Green Mark Scheme (Singapore’s national green building rating tool administered by the Building and Construction Authority), which allows certified products to accrue points that count towards a project’s Green Mark rating.

For uHoo, the ability to comply with the standards and be granted with green building product certifications such as the SGBP adds substantial value— making its product a lot more unique, enables wider brand exposure and boosts the company’s credibility and trust rating as the uHoo Aura is now indexed as part of the Singapore Green Building Council’s Product Directory.

The accorded Green Building Product certification strengthens the company’s mission to combat indoor air pollution and create healthier, safer and greener spaces. uHoo is committed to continuously provide advanced indoor air quality solutions with safety and sustainability in mind.

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