(Singapore, January 12, 2021) In the midst of the current global pandemic when health and safety are growing concerns among tenants and employees, commercial customers are turning to uHoo to address the challenge of improving indoor air quality to reduce tenant complaints and attrition, improve productivity and well-being of employees, and simultaneously generate energy and maintenance savings.
Results reported from actual case studies of commercial buildings and offices from different countries like The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Japan to name a few, show how customers used uHoo to understand and address their indoor air quality issues which led to significant ROI as well as improvements in tenant relationships and indoor environmental quality.
uHoo is the world’s most comprehensive indoor air quality sensor that measures and monitors nine air quality factors to help create healthy homes and workplaces. It also provides you with data, alerts, insights, and recommendations so you can immediately address issues with your air quality and improve your indoor environment. In June 2020, uHoo launched the world’s first Virus Index, a patent-pending technology providing a real time view on the risk of the coronavirus surviving and being transmittable in the air based on a combination of indoor air factors.
“Indoor air quality is one of the primary responsibilities of building owners and managers and is an essential factor of health and safety,” notes Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng, uHoo CEO and co-Founder. “We want to help our commercial customers take control of the air quality issues they’re facing to provide a healthy and safe environment for their employees, tenants, and customers.”
From Unhappy to Satisfied Occupants
Occupant discomfort is usually one of the main reasons for attrition: if they don’t feel comfortable, healthy, and safe, they would not stay. Tenants of the Port of Rotterdam – Europe’s biggest port located in South Holland, Netherlands – have, for a long time, complained of various discomfort and health conditions brought about by poor air quality in the building to the point that they all wanted to terminate their rent contracts. With renewals due in less than a year, no air quality data to help them improve the control of their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and after turning down a costly recommendation from a consultant to retrofit new systems in the building, the building officials turned to uHoo to help them with their issues.
With the air quality data from continuous monitoring with uHoo, some of the benefits reported were:
  • 95% complaint reduction through proper HVAC control
  • High concentration levels of carbon dioxide was brought down to safe levels
  • 100% of tenants renewed their contracts
  • US$150,000 savings from unnecessary building retrofits
The Port of Rotterdam project manager, Ad van der Heijden said that uHoo has “helped (us) monitor our building and gave us the capacity to properly adjust the environment for the well-being of our tenants.”
Similar cases have also been reported by real estate companies in Singapore, Holland, the UK, Switzerland and Hong Kong that have used uHoo to enhance occupant comfort, reduce complaints, and utilize the air quality data to support their green building certifications.
Improving Overall Quality of Life 
Companies that are focusing their attention on providing a healthy, comfortable, and safe environment for their employees understand the value of accurate and insightful data from real-time air quality monitoring such as what uHoo provides.
After carefully evaluating all available monitoring devices in the market, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) – the largest economic research and consulting firm in Japan – selected uHoo to help manage air quality in all their offices across 5 cities from one dashboard. Addressing issues of occupant discomfort, health conditions, as well as the fear of Covid-19 spread, NRI used uHoo not only to ensure compliance with building codes but also for continuous improvement and to enhance accuracy and precision in their facilities management. To automate air quality management, they integrated uHoo with their speaker systems to alert employees on issues so they can immediately take action, along with cameras, stand-alone filters and humidification systems.
Singapore co-working space, The Company similarly reported positive improvements in the health and well-being of its occupants by using uHoo to resolve issues of sub-optimal temperature due to faulty air conditioning equipment and high levels of carbon dioxide in meeting rooms. Moreover, they were able to address the problem of underutilized areas by correcting the space design to focus on occupant comfort. Jethro Quek, former managing director of The Company said that “when it comes to quality of life improvement, nothing comes close to uHoo. uHoo allowed us to take action. The solution was very unique and was able to provide the change.”
uHoo has been steadily growing its customer base across different vertical industries worldwide providing solutions to hundreds of commercial and government clients.
uHoo CEO and co-founder Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng believes that businesses will increasingly prioritize indoor air quality for health and well-being. “One of the most cost-efficient, beneficial, and profitable investments a company can make is its indoor air quality,” he notes. “With the indoor air quality solutions that uHoo provides, companies can look forward to a meaningful return on their investment and a sustainable future.”
About uHoo
uHoo is a leading global air health company. It is a Singapore home grown start-up backed by Wavemaker Partners and Enterprise SG. The Company was founded by Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng and Brian Lin. Both have respiratory conditions and wanted to improve the environmental conditions in which people live, work, and play so sickness and disease can be prevented, and health improved.
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