As a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your kids and prevent them from getting sick. You read the news. You follow health blogs. You get email notifications about prevention tips. One of the ideas you may have encountered is this: Vitamin D helps prevent respiratory infections. Does this idea contain some grain of truth?

Well, according to Dr. Jaykaran Charan “vitamin D is useful in the prevention of respiratory tract infections.” This conclusion was based on a meta-analysis of five studies involving five trials that ranged from three months to three years. Despite the conclusion, however, there are still some questions that are left unanswered. For instance, how much vitamin D do you need to really help prevent respiratory infections?

While it’s hard to quantify the amount one should take, especially kids, the important thing to do is to consciously incorporate it into our diet. Fortunately, the road to good respiratory health and holistic living can be achieved with proper education.

The Deal with Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps boost immune function, which in turn helps prevent respiratory infections. Further, it modulates cell growth and reduces inflammation. Only a limited number of food are naturally infused with Vitamin D. Luckily, the sun lends us some of its powers by naturally producing vitamin D when its ultraviolet rays hit the skin. Taking those early morning walks are great for cardio and catching some D’s.

Food that contains vitamin D (from the National Institute of Health) include egg yolk, fortified margarine, fortified yogurt, orange juice fortified with vitamin D, tuna fish, salmon, liver, sardines, and some types of mushrooms.

Incorporating a healthy amount of these individual foods in your daily diet not only helps you get the needed vitamin D, but are also good sources of vitamins A and C. You not only help prevent respiratory infections in the family, but you also ensure that everyone eats a healthy diet.

Not only will you be doing your health a favor, but you can also have peace of mind knowing that your respiratory health is taken care of.

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