We all love Spring Time, but we also know that it’s a terrible season for those who suffer from pollen allergies. As plants release their pollen, hay fever starts to kick in and everyone starts sneezing and sniffling around. This is the unfortunate truth of spring: we have to deal with airborne pollutants that come with the season.

But What Can You Do To Fight Spring Allergies?

In many areas, spring time might start a few months before Spring really hits in, and it ends up lasting until summer. Getting some relief is essential, and we’ll give you some tips:

  1. Start to protect yourself early

If you know you might suffer from allergies, it’s better to start early on. This way, the medicine can start kicking in before you have the symptoms. And you can start thinking about summer without watery eyes.

  1. Get natural

Getting some herbal remedies might help, like ginkgo biloba and chinese skullcap. Of course, you need to tell your doctor first: going natural doesn’t mean that it’s safe for you.

  1. Change things at home

Keep windows closed so pollen is out, and use an air conditioner instead of a fan to keep things cool. Keeps shoes at the door, and get an Indoor Air Quality Sensor so you can understand how’s the air at your house. With eight dedicated sensors to measure your home’s air quality, uHoo is the most comprehensive air quality sensor in the market.

  1. Don’t stay outdoors

If you need to go outside, even if spring is over, there might be pollen around. Keep your sunglasses on and a mask might help you during the morning, when the pollen counts are higher. Once you’re back inside, take a shower and wash your hair.

  1. Take medicines

If Spring is over and your allergies are not, maybe you should go to your doctor and get some meds. A lot of medicines can make you drowsy, so be careful when you take them. Also, having a nasal spray can help reduce the watery eyes and runny nose.

Having a good game plan can help you avoid allergies all year long! What other tips do you have? Share it with us here in the comments

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