uHoo is extremely delighted to receive the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification during the Singapore Green Building Council’s Gala Night on the 20th of May, 2022.

The event celebrates the achievements of Singapore Green Building, uncovers businesses, green building professionals, and building projects who are leading the move towards sustainability. The event also creates opportunities to illuminate connections between leaders and advocates of green building from across the built environment landscape.

In photo: The Enterprise Solutions Director of uHoo, Raymond Chan receiving the SGBP certification.

The SGBP certification given to uHoo was created to recognize and assess products and materials on their sustainability performance. The certification’s aim is to advance built environments to one that is greener and more carbon-efficient while facilitating sustainable procurement. It also ensures that sustainability is integrated throughout the lifecycle of the product – from the design, manufacturing of materials, distribution, use, and to the end-of-use management.

For us at uHoo, the ability to act in accordance with the standards and to be granted with green building product certifications such as the SGBP adds substantial value – making our products stand out from the other brands, enabling wider brand exposure and boosting our company’s credibility and trust ranking as one of our products, the uHoo Aura is part of the Singapore Green Building Council’s Product Directory.

The presented Green Building Product certification intensifies the company’s dedication to combat air pollution indoors and make safer, healthier, and greener spaces available to everyone. Having the SGBP certification, we vow to ceaselessly deliver advanced indoor air quality technologies, with health and sustainability carefully considered.

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