A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been officially inked by the Healthy Building Consortium (HBC) comprising six consortium members – ARID Indoor Air Solutions Pte Ltd, gush, GreenA Consultants, IFSC Pte Ltd, Smarten Spaces and uHoo backed by Enterprise Singapore, at the World Cities Summit 2022 held at Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore. The MoU aims to establish a strong partnership that focuses on the health and safety of occupants beyond a building’s sustainability and environmental impact.

As we navigate a complicated post-pandemic world, HBC is certain that it is crucial to put greater emphasis and pay more focus to creating healthier built environments with the occupants’ needs in mind. Beyond sustainability and environmental impacts, HBC encourages organizations to focus on the implications of a building’s design and operations on the occupants.

HBC aims to encourage businesses and commercial built environments to adopt smart solutions to make workspaces better for their customers, clients,and employees.

uHoo, a company that develops world-class indoor environmental monitoring and sustainability-focused technologies is honored to be one of the co-founding members of the Healthy Building Consortium (HBC).

About uHoo 

uHoo is an industry-leading company known for bringing superior indoor environmental quality (IEQ) solutions to make homes, businesses, and the environment better. As part of its IEQ technologies, the company has developed the uHoo Aura, the most comprehensive indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and risk management solution that is designed to provide building managers and occupants valuable insights about the condition of a facility’s indoor air by measuring the changes in 13 factors namely temperature, humidity, air pressure, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10), formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), light, and sound. uHoo Aura is also customizable to add two more sensors namely nitrogen dioxide and ozone or choose one among sulfur dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia, depending on their specific industries and/or requirements.

To manage the location’s vulnerability to viruses and harmful pathogens, such as the coronavirus, the uHoo Aura device also comes with the patented uHoo Virus Index that uses a 10-point scoring system that is divided into four categories: Good, Mild, Bad and Severe.

“Buildings play an important role in comfortability, productivity, and wellbeing. We work in it, play in it, and spend 90% of our time in it, therefore, as much as possible, it should be kept in its optimal state.” says Excell Chua, Global Sales Director at uHoo.

With the MoU, uHoo expresses its commitment to lead the way and bring solutions that empower occupants, workplaces, and commercial real estate managers to devise strategies and innovate to eliminate the unwanted impacts of poor indoor air quality on occupant health and wellbeing while becoming more sustainable especially in this COVID-rattled world.

To know more about uHoo, visit https://getuhoo.com/

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