With 2023 now almost behind us, it’s time to kick off those New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve found it challenging to stick to your resolutions in the past, you might not have embraced the tried-and-true method: developing habits.

They say it takes around 30 days to form a habit. While individual results may vary, the key is to perform a specific action consistently so that your body and mind adapt it automatically. Wondering what you should incorporate into your daily routine for the next month to create a cleaner, healthier home? Here are our recommendations.

1. Remove Your Shoes Indoors – Nothing introduces dirt, tar, pesticides, fungus, bacteria, and other unwanted elements from the outdoors into your home more than your shoes. Shoes traverse various environments, collecting pollutants that end up as particulates in your home. Set up a shoe rack at the porch or entryway and take off your shoes there before entering the house. Keep indoor slippers ready and switch into them upon entering.

2. Keep Sinks and Bathrooms Dry – Mold poses a significant challenge in any household, thriving in damp, moist places like your kitchen or bathroom sink. Combat this by scrubbing the sink with a solution of water and baking soda, then wipe it dry. Alternatively, use a water-vinegar solution, but baking soda leaves no lingering scent. Keep these moisture-prone surfaces dry by repeating this process daily to keep your kitchen and bathroom mold-free.

3. Ventilate with Open Windows Every Morning – While sleeping, carbon dioxide accumulates in your bedroom. Opening the windows first thing in the morning helps ventilate your room and introduces fresh air. Leave the windows open briefly to let clean air circulate throughout the house.

4. Sweep the Floors and Dust Surfaces – Dust buildup on floors, tables, window sills, and other surfaces contributes to particulate matter in the home. Wipe clean every surface daily to prevent PM10 and PM2.5 particles from entering the air and potentially affecting your health.

5. Enhance Your Bath with Essential Oils – When winding down for a shower or bath, use essential oils as a body wash. Tea tree oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus, pine needle, or similar oils not only keep your skin smooth but also have a 99.96% disinfection rate for airborne bacteria.

6. Water Indoor Plants Daily – Besides producing oxygen, certain indoor plants filter out toxic chemicals from the air. English ivy, snake plant, peace lily, chrysanthemums, and others absorb harmful chemicals and break them down into harmless substances. Water your indoor plants regularly to support their air-purifying capabilities.

7. Care for Outdoor Plants and Invest in Reticulation System– Outdoor plants, such as English ivy and chrysanthemums, also play a role in filtering toxins. Additionally, investing in a smart sprinkler system, known as reticulation installation, offers benefits for maintaining the health of your outdoor plants. This advanced system ensures efficient water distribution, conserving resources and promoting lush, thriving greenery.

8. Invest in an Indoor Air Quality Monitor – Monitoring the quality of the air inside your home is crucial for a healthy living space. Investing in an indoor air quality monitor helps you keep track of pollutants and ensures you maintain a clean and breathable atmosphere for you and your family.

Embrace 2024 as a time for positive change. The New Year is a time for change, but you have to want and desire that change for yourself and take the steps to make it stick. Forming these healthy habits will go a long way in changing your quality of life.


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