Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic and so many things have changed. Indoor air quality in the home has become more important in light of the growing awareness about its effects on health and safety. For families with asthma and allergy sufferers and those with other respiratory conditions such as COPD, indoor air quality has certainly become a priority. Indoor air pollutants tend to have varying effects on individuals – some symptoms may appear immediately while others take some time to manifest. This is why it is important to know the quality of the air we’re breathing at home.

So it may be time to give your gift a serious rethink. Flowers, stuffed toys, and dates that involve an open fire may seem like classic romantic gestures, but are they? Little do people know that these gifts may bring in pollutants and allergens that affect the home’s indoor air quality and those residing in it.

In addition to the good intentions you have in giving your loved ones those gifts, knowing what contaminants come with them is especially valuable. In an age when dangerous air pollutants threaten the health of your family, putting more thought into what you bring into your home might just save yours.

This Valentine’s Day, why not give a unique gift that shows them how you really value their health and safety?

The uHoo Smart Air Monitor is the most comprehensive indoor air quality monitor that measures all the important factors you need to know about the air you’re breathing so you can improve your home environment. Identifying the presence of these contaminants is a crucial element to developing a plan to eliminate them from the air in your home and provide your loved ones with optimal indoor air quality.

What the uHoo Smart Air Monitor does:

1. Measures and monitors nine different air quality factors so you can create a healthy environment – from temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, PM2.5, TVOC to air pressure – all in real time.

Using an easy-to-understand color-coding system, the uHoo Smart Air Monitor lets you see the concentration levels of harmful pollutants that can cause health issues such as allergies, asthma, fatigue, and more. Finding out about the air quality factors that affect your health can assist in finding ways to minimize the pollutants present in your home, preventing the spread of viruses, and promoting a healthy environment for your family.

2. The uHoo Virus Index will let you know whether you should take steps to minimize the risk of a virus spreading.

According to numerous studies, the quality of the air in your home impacts the presence of viruses. You will be able to gain actionable insights to reduce virus risk based on the data collected by your uHoo device’s sensors, giving you peace of mind that you are protecting their health and safety indoors.

3. Provides alerts on air quality issues so you can address them promptly.

If the device detects anything unusual in your home’s indoor air quality, you will be notified immediately through the uHoo mobile app. In addition, it gives you practical advice on how to address air quality issues in order to improve your home environment and quality of life.

Your loved ones’ health and safety are invaluable. Give them something that will help them stay healthy, productive, and comfortable – and give you peace of mind.

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