Well, can it?

Probably, or probably not. Different strokes for different folks. Since triggers for asthma vary per person, what works for Harry may not necessarily work for Peter.

Factor in the weather, the home environment, and geographical location. You probably stay in a state where it’s more humid or damp and therefore pose asthma triggers that are totally different from those living somewhere where it’s much colder.

Just to be clear: there is no cure for asthma, well, none yet on the horizon. Just like the coronavirus, everything is more preventive and anticipatory so best to know where you are. It can help that early on, you determine potential asthma triggers and how to avoid them for the sake of all asthma sufferers in the house.

Whether it is just one person or the entire family, the effect, the stress that accompanies a situation where a family member has a medical condition affects the entire brood. Surely, there will be some adjustments in the family’s way of life.

Do they work, really?

Air purifiers, just like any other device, have limitations, particularly in the area where it operates, which is its immediate domain. Like the bedroom, for example. I suppose many put air purifiers in their bedroom to achieve sound sleep.

But you don’t spend your entire day in the bedroom, right? What about other areas in the house—living room, kitchen, wash area, etc.? The protection lies only within a specific space. Once you leave, nobody knows what will happen.

Same goes with air filters. Choosing the right one entails putting into consideration several factors like size of the unit, cleaning and changing of the filter, cost of operation (since it’s “ON” most of the time), and of course, noise, especially if you’re considering putting one in the bedroom. It may clean the air, yes. However, will it let you sleep soundly?

The best thing possible should be to monitor the kind of air you breathe, one that allows you to check air quality in your house daily or weekly, or even by the hour, things that an indoor air quality sensor can do for you. It gives out alerts on certain changes in the air, like temperature, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) humidity, even carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels, information you can get in real time through your smartphone for that added convenience.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Before buying that air purifier, check indoor air quality first. One, it should be smart, reliable, affordable, easy to set up. It should be discreet and won’t attract too much attention wherever you put it inside the home.

An air quality monitor measures particulate matter within the air at its location, and its range varies. It gives out an accurate measurement of air quality in the home, whether they are gasses or carbon dioxide or monoxide, and the intensity of its presence in the home. Knowing these will allow you to make that intelligent decision on how to help improve indoor air quality for the sake of the family.

The uHoo indoor air quality sensor

One thing to consider once you decide to buy an indoor air quality sensor is the uHoo indoor air quality monitors. You keep your family safe as it monitors nine air quality factors that may affect your family, especially those with asthma, and sends them directly to your smartphone. It intelligently gives out data on how you can manage indoor air quality in the home via an easily navigable interface that anyone in the family, techie or not, will comprehend. Thus, you would know what to do to improve air quality around you.

And the world’s best uHoo Virus Index is there to help you react and fight those deadly viruses lurking in your home, including the deadly coronavirus. Its scoring system from 1 to 10 allows you to know the state of the home’s air quality and what you need to do to protect everyone from the dangers lurking in the air. Now, the invisible enemy floating in the air becomes visible, so to speak.

Is it possible to see the air you breathe? Probably not. But with uHoo, you’ll get to know the kind of air you breathe and then act on it—because your family’s health is at stake.

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