As women’s month comes to a close, let’s take a moment to celebrate the top mom influencers who make a difference in helping us keep our homes spick and span. Home is where the heart is, and home should be a safe place to live.

Let’s take a look at four mom blogs that you need to follow to keep your home safe and clean. Whether you need some tips on how to get started, or just need some inspiration to keep you on point, these women have the knowledge and style to get you home making like a pro.

  1. Melissa Maker –

Melissa Maker is the founder of Toronto’s most popular boutique cleaning service and maintains the Clean My Space YouTube channel and blog. She’s an expert at decluttering and organizing the home. If you’re looking for new ideas on how to organize your room, or looking for products that can help you organize the home, she’s got recommendations and ideas to suit your every need.

Go check out her channel and blog today; it’s the cleanest place on the internet!

  1. Leticia Barr –

Leticia lives in Washington DC with her children. What sets her apart from other blogs on this list is her background in classroom and school administration. She is well-versed with technology integration working with children and adults, and her blog helps parents navigate the digital age. That includes figuring out how to get modern smart home appliances and products to keep your home in working order.

And when it comes to parenting these days, it can really be tricky when your children know more about gadgets than you do. The unfortunate truth is that the internet can be a dangerous place for children, and her blog gives lots of tips and guides to educate parents on how to keep their children safe on the net.

  1. Marie Kondo –

The internet sensation Marie Kondo is best known for the KonMari Method, a state of mind that helps one cherish the best things in your life and spark that joy that people tend to miss when their homes are in a clutter. Following the precepts of Japanese zen and minimalism, her lifestyle method has taught millions around the world to let go and find peace and joy.

If your home is looking more like a pack rat’s lair than a place to live, her blog sets the foundation for you to declutter and remember the true worth of your home. The secret is to cherish the things that make you happy and let go of the things that don’t with a grateful heart.

  1. Brittany Vasseur –

Brittany is a beauty expert and she and her family have been in the skincare business for decades. That doesn’t mean her blog is all makeup and beauty lotion. Part of beauty is living a healthy lifestyle. You can’t have that glow when you’re not living in wellness.

Her blog is full of cleaning hacks and organizational tricks to simplify and streamline your life. And with her domain depth in beauty, you know that you and your home are going to look great following her ideas. You can find most of her best content on her YouTube channel. It will inspire you to keep your home clean and organized!

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