The official holidays for Chinese New Year fall this year on Feb 1 and 2, but the celebrations traditionally last for 15 days. It is a time of banquets, firecrackers, and fireworks, and a time when families get together to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But it can also be a time that can have a negative impact on your home due to harmful pollutants. With more people, more holiday decorations, and more activities inside the house, we may breathe in more pollutants. Luckily, there are ways to keep your home safe and healthy. Family members can still celebrate safely and responsibly despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Follow these 8 simple tips so you and your family can breathe easy during your Lunar New Year celebrations:

Tip # 1: Keep Your Home Well-Ventilated

Stale, stagnant air can lead to the spread of viruses. During your Chinese New Year celebrations, make sure there is good ventilation inside your house to avoid problems that can arise from increased levels of VOCs, PM2.5 and other harmful pollutants. You can introduce fresh air to your spaces by keeping the windows open. This will also dilute the pollution in the air.

Tip # 2: Keep Your Kitchen Well-Ventilated

Your kitchen will most likely be a busy hub of activities before and during your celebrations. It could also be a likely source of indoor air pollution coming from smoke, fumes and other chemicals which can lead to health issues such as coughing, eye and lung irritations and more. Make sure to keep your exhaust systems working and keep a window or two open for fresh, natural air.

Tip # 3: Limit Your Visitors Inside the House

Anytime someone enters your home, there’s a risk that they’ll bring harmful diseases, even if they don’t realize it. Chinese New Year celebrations usually mean big family reunions, but you may want to limit gatherings with people outside your household during this time. You can also set up your space within your house in a way that keeps a safe physical distance. Avoid close proximity and sharing of utensils.

Tip # 4: Clean and Disinfect Thoroughly

Cleaning thoroughly is essential in preventing the spread of viruses inside your home. Be sure to use safer cleaning products so that you don’t introduce new harmful pollutants into the air. Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces inside your home such as doorknobs, table and countertops as well as cabinet handles and chairs.

Tip # 5: Protect Yourself from Second Hand Smoke from Fireworks

Firecrackers and fireworks are a big part of Chinese New Year traditions but did you know that exposure to smoke can be very dangerous for you and your family? Second hand smoke from firecrackers and fireworks can cause a range of health issues such as shortness of breath, dizziness, eye and lung irritations and more. You and your family can watch the fireworks from the safety of your well-ventilated home. If you’re planning to go outdoors make sure to wear a protective mask for your face.

Tip #6: Use a Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Even if you already use air filters and sanitizers, you still don’t know whether they are able to keep the indoor air healthy and safe. Knowing and understanding the important factors is the first step in optimizing your air quality. A smart indoor air quality monitor can alert you when specific problems in your indoor air quality happen so you can immediately take action. Indoor air quality monitoring devices such as uHoo come with a virus index that helps you minimize your risk of virus transmission within your home.

Tip # 7: Lo Hei Safely

Lo Hei, or “tossing up” in Cantonese, is one of the most beloved CNY traditions among Chinese families. As the yusheng dish comes together, everyone shouts auspicious greetings and well wishes. But did you know that speaking too loud inside can increase the chances of spreading viruses? During the yusheng, encourage everyone to wear masks or perhaps be more innovative by sending digital greetings to one another.

Tip # 8: Make Hand Sanitizers Ready for Your Guests

For a safe and healthy home environment, good hygiene practices such as keeping hands clean are always recommended. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness by receiving hand sanitizers the moment they step into your house. You may wish to remind them to wash their hands before taking part in the celebrations.

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