uHoo can help parents protect their children with a device as small as a coffee cup

The need for children to breathe clean air cannot be overemphasized. Simply put, when kids inhale poor quality air, they become more likely to get sick. And while it’s easy to assume that the young ones are breathing clean air at home, studies have shown that indoor air can harbor tons of pollutants that make them less than ideal for children.

“Clean air” is the air that has no harmful levels of pollutants, making it safe to breathe. Air that has toxic components can cause a wide array of health problems, especially for the little ones.

This is where the need for devices like uHoo—sensors that monitor air quality at home—come into play. uHoo detects levels of harmful chemicals and toxins present at home, providing real-time data, alerts, and insights. It then recommends steps on how users can reduce or eliminate these threats.

Here are four reasons why children need to breathe clean air at home and how uHoo can help remedy any hazardous situation:


  1. Kids breathe in more air

Pound for pound, children take in as much as 50 percent more air than adults. That’s mainly because their lungs are still growing at this point. Kids also typically are more likely to be running and jumping around as they play, which means they inhale and exhale more frequently. This, in turn, gives them more opportunity to breathe in air that has harmful elements.

The uHoo device, plus a subscription to uHoo premium (a monthly plan that gives more layers of protection), has what it calls “occupant indices” which include a Kids Index, as well as Babies Index and Elderly Index.


  1. Dirty air causes lots of health problems.

Inhaling low-quality air may impair lung development. It may also intensify asthma attacks and the development of asthma. Polluted air has also been found to cause constant headaches, tiredness, and nausea. With kids’ respiratory systems still developing, they are most susceptible to adverse health problems from breathing in dirty air. When air quality is poor, respiratory problems, especially among children suffering from asthma and other chronic lung illnesses, tend to become aggravated.

This is why even—or especially at home—it is important to never assume that air is safe and clean. uHoo removes the guesswork because it actually tells you if the air at home has become polluted. It does this by checking nine air quality parameters: temperature, humidity, level of carbon dioxide, airborne chemicals and VOCs, particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and air pressure.


  1. Children are susceptible to catching airborne viruses

Needless to say, the virus that causes COVID-19 has put everyone at risk. While it is the elderly and individuals with pre-existing conditions that have suffered the most, there have been reports of young children catching the virus, too.

The good thing about uHoo is that it actively monitors the air at home and tells you when the environment has become conducive for viruses to thrive. The “uHoo Virus Index” is a patent-pending technology that analyzes coronavirus survival risk, risk of the coronavirus becoming transmittable in the air and how to address it when there is higher risk.


  1. Clean air increases children’s quality of life

Clean air improves kids’ quality of life. When they breathe in clean air, kids become more active, they sleep better, and they become less sickly. Parents take the time to ensure their children’s safety—they filter water, prepare organic meals. But oftentimes, not as much attention is given to making sure that the air kids breathe is safe.

The good thing about uHoo is that it is as small as a coffee cup. This means that parents don’t really have to do so much to put that protection in place. All they need is to plug in the uHoo device at home and let it do the work.

Reducing air pollution is one of the most important things we can do for children. Kids deserve to breathe clean air. uHoo is a small, but powerful device, which can effectively ensure children breathe only the highest quality of air. In this day and age, investing in your kids’ health has never been more important. After all, they are worth it!

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