Breathing is so natural, we hardly ever think about it. But have you ever wondered if you’re doing it right? Especially since every part of the body is affected by the way we breathe?

Bad breathing

You might not be aware it’s happening, but when you breathe incorrectly, it can affect your heart, digestion, and nervous system. It can also screw up your mood and even your sleeping patterns.

Indicators that you’re breathing incorrectly:

  • Your chest expands when you breathe (your breath must come from the diaphragm)
  • You’re breathing with your mouth even when you’re not working out
  • You’re yawning way too much (which may be a sign that you are not getting enough oxygen to your brain)

Good breathing

On the other hand, when you are breathing correctly, it can have massive benefits to your body. It ensures that your body is supplied with the right amount of oxygen.

Sometimes, you may feel lightheaded or suddenly get an unexplained headache. It’s possible that you are not getting enough oxygen to your brain.

Breathing correctly also helps you with your energy level. You don’t feel lethargic, and you can handle physical activities without feeling out of breath.

How to know if you’re breathing correctly

Imagine you’re at a birthday party!

Buy some rubber balloons and fill it with air coming from your mouth. This movement contracts the diaphragm and core muscles.

Pretend to blow a candle. Inhale through your nose for 2-4 seconds. Purse your lips and then exhale very slowly for about 4-6 seconds, as if you’re blowing a candle on a birthday cake. This is a good way to prevent you from breathing too fast.

When you’re working out, focus on your breathing. Sometimes, just the awareness of your breath will let you know that you’re doing it right.

Improve Your Breathing

Try yoga. Practicing yoga not only gives you a strong core (and possibly a six-pack), but it also helps you breathe correctly. When doing yoga, every movement is tied to your breath, making you aware of the way your breath flows in your body.

What You’re Breathing

Okay, so now that you’ve earned a black belt for breathing correctly, one thing that you may want to pay attention to – which is just as important as breathing correctly –  is the air you breathe. Air inside the home actually contains lot of toxic chemicals.

How do you know if you’re breathing clean air? Well, you can’t see air, so the best way to go about it is to install an indoor air quality sensor such as uHoo. uHoo detects the level of carbon dioxide in the home and other toxins in the air and sends alerts to your smartphone when the air isn’t so healthy. This ensures that your home or office has the right amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Breathing is so simple and natural, but making these tiny changes can benefit you in a big way.

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