Health is one of the biggest concerns of 2020, and it’s no surprise thanks to the novel coronavirus. Never before in the history of mankind has the entire world really come together in a concerted effort to stay healthy and fight off the infectious disease Covid-19.

Here at uHoo, we believe in using modern technology to make people’s lives better and healthier. And that is done primarily by monitoring the quality of the air we breathe. Better air is a better life, after all. And now, we’re applying that philosophy to fighting the coronavirus.

A lot of research has been done on COVID-19, and the results are clear: there is a clear link between air quality and COVID-19.

uHoo has identified these factors and created the uHoo Virus Index to help you create an environment to deactivate viruses, such as COVID-19, if in case it is present in your home/workplace to reduce your risk of catching it. Knowing lets you identify actionable items that might be crucial in safeguarding your health and that of your family.

Read our White Paper on the relationship between air quality and viruses.