We are delighted to announce that uHoo is one of the HSBC Cities of the Future – Urban Innovation Champions of 2022!

The conference acknowledges uHoo for its remarkable contribution in improving the lives of the people and for making concerted efforts to achieve sustainable and resilient urban cities by delivering cutting-edge indoor environmental technologies.

The Cities of the Future Urban Innovation Champions, organized in partnership with HSBC, hosted by IMG and powered by Unbound Global, is a prestigious event that features a range of leading innovations across the ASEAN region and explores key trends in the future of Connectivity, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Mobility, Smart Governance, Urban Planning and Sustainability.

In this event, the winners are invited to share their company’s story, background, concept, goals, tech-based solutions and the impact of these solutions in developing cities of the future.

uHoo Global Sales Director, Excell Chua shares uHoo’s story, its purpose and its contribution in driving the growth of cities in the ASEAN region, during the event.

Receiving the Urban Innovation Champion Award strengthens uHoo’s determination and commitment to continuously make positive contributions to businesses in every industry, to protect the environment and every community by delivering technological advancements that make cities smart, informed, healthy and sustainable.

uHoo: Making indoor environmental excellence accessible for everyone

uHoo, a health and sustainability champion, provides indoor air quality monitoring solutions that help facility owners control and manage indoor air. Its IoT-based air quality solutions are designed to measure the air quality situation by monitoring 13 different factors including Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Particles of various sizes, VOCs, Formaldehyde, and more.

uHoo ‘s technology is used by schools, businesses and governments across the globe, helping them establish actions to mitigate indoor air pollution and eliminate the negative impacts of poor air on health, businesses and on the planet.

Better Air Quality Benefiting the Society

The lack of proper knowledge about poor air quality makes people more vulnerable to the negative effects of indoor air pollution. uHoo’s indoor environmental solutions provide real-time air quality data and insights that promotes awareness and provides communities and the entire real estate industry with the proper knowledge on their facility’s air quality. By making reliable indoor air quality information available, everyone can take steps to improve indoor air, mitigate air pollution and achieve cleaner air for all.

Indoor Air Quality to Achieve Business and Sustainability Objectives

uHoo believes that reliable indoor air quality information allows business owners to identify workplace areas with problematic air quality conditions and take stringent actions to manage it; thus improving health and productivity of staff and employees. Also, IAQ data can help building managers establish strategies that conserve resources thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing business spend and promoting long-term resiliency.

Moreover, proper indoor air quality monitoring is now an essential tool to boost property and business brands. Having IAQ technologies in place make facilities unique and create an environment that is more appealing to investors.

uHoo helping businesses achieve their ESG goals 

Having a strong ESG proposition means having a commitment to using less resources, focusing on well-being and creating a healthy planet. By integrating uHoo’s smart technologies, businesses can tackle these ESG factors and make their green initiatives realistic and achievable. Additionally, incorporating uHoo’s solutions into every business’ sustainability practices is a great step to obtain scores for green building certifications and standards.

uHoo empowers various industries and organizations to achieve all of the above by offering uHoo Aura, an indoor environmental and virus risk management solution developed for businesses.

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