After going through a two-year hiatus, indoor establishments such as theaters have finally opened their doors to the public. 

As they launch new shows and welcome guests, it is crucial for theaters to implement stricter health and sanitation policies to ensure safety and guarantee outstanding guest experience. One of the most essential factors to take into consideration is indoor air quality. 

Cork Arts Theatre, an intimate 100-seater theatre situated in the heart of Cork City, Ireland puts serious emphasis on air quality and has rolled out strategies to make their indoor air quality fresher and more breathable. As part of its efforts, the theater installed uHoo Aura, the most comprehensive indoor environmental quality device that monitors 13 to 15 factors that impact the air quality. The air quality data that the uHoo Aura collects can be viewed, and managed using the uHoo Business Dashboard, which can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices. 

Included in Cork Arts Theatre’s air quality strategies are carbon dioxide demand control based ventilation solutions powered by the WellAir Plasma NPBI air purification products, the refurbishment of their existing air handling unit (AHU), and replacing their LPG heating with Mitsubishi Ceiling Heat Pump cassettes.  

By putting more focus on improving indoor air quality, Cork Arts Theatre can guarantee the health and safety of its staff and guests, prevent the risk of virus spread, and increase their brand value knowing that the wellbeing of the people inside their facility is prioritized.

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