École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), one of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions, partners with uHoo, an environmental data platform that has built the world’s most comprehensive indoor environmental quality monitoring and management solution.

The collaboration between uHoo and EPFL stems from EPFL’s project called INPERSO. Headed by Dr. Sarah Crosby, a scientist at EPFL, INPERSO is an EU-funded project that aims to advance the knowledge of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in residential and educational buildings, develop an improved rating system for IEQ assessment across Europe, and understand the impact of building retrofits on indoor environmental quality and occupant comfort.

Sarah and her team conducted a thorough evaluation of various products to select a suitable IEQ monitoring and management solution for INPERSO. They carefully assessed multiple solution providers, considering the project’s need for advanced capabilities in extensive and accurate data gathering, reliability, and ease of use. uHoo Aura emerged as one of the preferred solutions due to its ability to measure at least 13 parameters, the most in the market, the accuracy of its sensors, the convenience of connecting via a SIM card, a very easy to use and user-friendly dashboard and a backup battery that allows continuous operation in case of a power interruption, among others.

“Having utilized various products in my previous research projects, I can confidently state that uHoo stands out as one of the top solutions in the commercial market. With our use of uHoo’s solution, we are committed to advancing our understanding in this field and actively contributing to the development of improved IEQ assessment methodologies. As the lead researcher of the EPFL side of  the INPERSO project, I am thrilled to partner with uHoo to further enhance our knowledge, contribute to improving the IEQ standards across the EU, and make significant strides towards better indoor environmental quality in buildings.” said Dr. Sarah Crosby, Lead Researcher, INPERSO project.

“We are honored to be part of the INPERSO project. Our solution aims to make a significant impact in the built environment, fostering awareness and promoting a healthier, greener and more conscious approach towards indoor spaces. We aim to create a better future where healthy, safe, and sustainable indoor environments become the norm.” – Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng, CEO and Co-founder of uHoo

About uHoo

uHoo is an environmental data platform for homes, businesses and governments to enhance health and well-being, to decarbonize through energy efficiency and to enhance ESG performance. uHoo’s technology is utilized globally by thousands of private and public organizations in various verticals that include offices, commercial, residential and industrial buildings, healthcare, airports and governments, among others.

About EPFL

EPFL is one of the world’s leading institutes of technology and research, located in Lausanne, Switzerland. With a strong focus on scientific excellence, EPFL strives to push the boundaries of knowledge and address global challenges through innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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