January 4, 2023, Wednesday – Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Ms. Grace Fu officially launched the “Industry Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality”. These air quality regulations are a part of the Alliance for Action (AfA) on Sustainable Spaces’ attempt to introduce the importance of good indoor air quality to the public. 

The guidelines for indoor air quality were developed in consultation with industry stakeholders, with five priority areas, including the (1) adoption of formaldehyde emission limits for products and furnishing indoors. Formaldehyde is a type of air pollutant released by adhesives, composite wood and paint, which are used in some indoor products like cabinets. Exposure to high levels of formaldehyde, as found in various studies, can cause eye irritation, shortness of breath, and even cancer.

Along with the above, other priority areas of the said air quality regulations include (2) the adoption Singapore standards for good indoor air quality (3) the ability to acquire certification as an endorsement of their efforts to maintaining good indoor air quality (4) the implementation of workplace safety and health guidelines, and (5) monitoring Indoor Air Quality and implement mitigating measures. 


Photo Source: Singapore Business Federation

The Alliance for Action or AfA for Sustainable Spaces was formed by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), and the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) in November 2021 to gather stakeholders from various sectors to establish sustainable built environments. The AfA also brings solution providers and adopters opportunities in the green economy and supports the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

The industry guidelines for indoor air quality were officially launched at a visit to C&W Services, where Ms. Grace Fu also engaged more than 40 AfA members and industry stakeholders in a fireside chat on promoting sustainability and enhancing indoor air quality in Singapore.

C&W Services is the facilities and engineering arm of global real estate services firm, Cushman & Wakefield. It remodeled its office in Chai Chee between October 2021 and March 2022 and utilized uHoo Aura to monitor and maintain good indoor air quality.

uHoo Aura, is a commercial-grade indoor environmental quality monitor that has been recently certified under the SGBC Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification scheme. By using SGBP-certified solutions such as the uHoo Aura, businesses and building owners can monitor air quality factors such as formaldehyde, fulfill parts of the air quality regulations released by AfA, and advance their built environments to one that is greener, healthier, and more sustainable.


Ready to use uHoo to meet the industry guidelines for IAQ? Talk to us today! 


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