What is BERDE Certification?

The BERDE Program was established by the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) in 2009 as a proactive step to confront the negative impacts of climate change. This program aims to develop a  national voluntary green building rating system in the Philippines, fostering green building endeavors in the country, build trust, and inspire confidence in the industry. 

The BERDE Certification is developed under the BERDE Program. This certification serves as a tool for evaluating, gauging, overseeing, and certifying the sustainability performance of green building projects, surpassing the scope of prevailing national and local building regulations, environmental laws, and obligatory standards.

BERDE is formally acknowledged by the Philippine government, through the Department of Energy (DOE) as the National Voluntary Green Building Rating System in the Philippines.

Benefits and Importance of BERDE Certification

Market Competitiveness

Gaining BERDE certification for your projects offers a significant marketing edge. It communicates to your clients and the public that your green building project stands out in the market. The third-party assessment guarantees that your project undergoes a credible and impartial evaluation, resulting in a trusted certification.

Furthermore, BERDE certification showcases your company’s commitment to sustainability. Securing BERDE Certification provides a positive brand recognition for both your project and your business. 

Trust and Transparency

BERDE empowers you to demonstrate your project’s performance to other parties with unquestionable credibility. Your BERDE-certified project allows you to showcase your leadership in sustainability, backed by an objective, fair, and impartial assessment and certification of your building’s performance. By obtaining BERDE certification, you instill trust and confidence among your project stakeholders, reinforcing the reliability of your environmentally conscious endeavors.

Regulatory Compliance

At the national level, BERDE holds the esteemed recognition as the National Voluntary Green Building Rating System by the Philippine government. Many national agencies utilize BERDE as a valuable guide in formulating policies and programs to promote green building practices and sustainability within the building sector. This acknowledgment further solidifies BERDE’s significance in advancing the country’s environmental goals.

Moreover, at the local level, numerous Philippine local governments have integrated BERDE into their policies to ensure that projects within their jurisdictions adhere to high environmental performance standards. This adoption highlights the growing acceptance and influence of BERDE within the country’s sustainable development landscape.

BERDE acknowledges achievements that surpass current environmental and building laws, regulations, and standards. As a valuable compliance tool, it aids in adhering to building and environmental laws and regulations. 

Health and Well-being

BERDE-compliant structures prioritize the well-being of their occupants by providing healthier indoor environments, better air quality, and more natural lighting, which can lead to improved productivity and overall satisfaction.

Climate Change Mitigation

By adopting eco-friendly design principles, BERDE-certified buildings help combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a low-carbon built environment.

BERDE Certification Process


  1. Download the Form – BERDE Registration.
  2. Accomplish the Form – BERDE Registration and make sure to have the documents for the minimum system requirements ready. 
  3. Submit the completed form and requirements to BERDE@philgbc.org.

Within seven (7) working days of receiving your completed Form – BERDE Registration and all necessary requirements, the PHILGBC will draft and submit a BERDE Certification Proposal. Once the proposal has been received, the project owner must: 

  1. Sign the proposal and return a copy to the PHILGBC
  2. Pay the registration and initial assessment fees. 

The registration process is completed once the proposal is signed and fees are paid for the project. 

Stage 1 — Design

During this stage, the assessment team will evaluate the documentation submitted by the project team. The assessment team will  issue an Assessment Report summarizing the findings from the assessment, which may include a recommendation for the project’s rating and certification for Stage 1 — Design.

Stage 2 — Construction

The assessment team will review project documentation and perform an on-site assessment to verify the project team’s adherence and implementation of the awarded Stage 1 plans. The evaluation will be based on the project team’s achievement of the target credits.

Stage 3 — Operations

The assessment team will carefully review and assess the documentation submitted by the project team. During this process, they will examine whether the submissions fulfill the intent, requirements, and performance criteria specified for the project team’s target credits.

Projects may go through a certification process under each of the assessment stages based on the project’s life cycle.

New construction or fit-out projects and undergoing renovations

New construction or fit-out projects and undergoing renovations must undergo assessment and certification under both Stage 1 – Design and Stage 2 – Construction. They must also comply with the requirements of BERDE in the design and construction of the project. Furthermore, the project must complete Stage 1 — Design before undergoing Stage 2 — Construction assessment and certification.

Existing project improving only its operations

Projects are required to undergo assessment and certification to demonstrate compliance with the Stage 3 — Operations requirements. This involves planning and implementing policies and procedures that align with the project’s objectives and ensure its smooth operation.

Different Levels of BERDE Certification

The project may be awarded with: If the project achieves a weighting of:
51% to 60% Good practice
★★ 61% to 70% Ideal performance
★★★ 71% to 80% Exemplar performance
★★★★ 81% to 90% Country leader
★★★★★ 91% to 100% World class


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