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January 25, 2022

8:00 AM (EST) | 9:00 PM (SGT) |
2:00 PM (CET)

Unlocking the Potential of Proptech in Optimizing Indoor Air Quality and Occupancy Management in a World Re-shaped by the Pandemic

About this event

The commercial real estate industry is on a complete phase change. In the past decades, sporadic technological progress to make smart buildings have been witnessed, but as realizations from the Coronavirus pandemic become prominent, everyone is now seeing how built environments are getting sudden yet immense digital makeover. 

Property Technology or simply “PropTech” which was once an optional strategy to attract investors is already making waves. This shift in mentality to challenge the status quo and to start adopting knowledge-incentive innovations is now crucial to resolve the major challenges that are dominating the commercial real estate landscape as we move towards the post-pandemic age: indoor air quality and occupancy management. 

Together with the experts from the industry, let us discuss how PropTech helps meet the current and future demands and create health-promoting environments appropriate for the new normal. 

Get your slots for free and see you on our webinar on Unlocking the Potential of Proptech in Optimizing Indoor Air Quality and Occupancy Management In A World Re-shaped by the Pandemic this January 25, 2022, 8AM (EST) | 9PM (SGT) | 2PM (CET)



Nic Shulman

CEO and Founder of BlockDox

  • CEO and Founder of BlockDox, an IoT and data analytics company that focuses on optimizing smart buildings and public transportation.
  • A multi-award winning entrepreneur and innovator; with more than 14 years of experience in property, smart building, legal and technology sectors.
  • Tech London advocate and Future Cities featured influencer

Steve McLeod

CEO of Indoor Environmental Systems, Inc.

  • CEO of Indoor Environmental Systems, Inc. a company that focuses on enhancing health, comfort and energy consumption by improving indoor environments.
  • Owns and manages McLeodLife, a consulting services company that guides people through the process of do-it-yourself home inspections and indoor air quality testing
  • Indoor Air Quality expert with comprehensive experience and knowledge in the industry since 1992.


Matthias "The Greenman" Gelber


  • ESG Advisor, PSE
  • Green ambassador for sustainable life
  • Inspirational speaker and trainer on environmental and sustainability issues

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