A podcast about creating a healthy home and life with good indoor air quality. Each month we will speak with experts and share helpful information and insights about anything and everything that concerns the air we breathe and how we can protect the health and safety of our homes and families while staying indoors – from understanding indoor pollutants, the benefits of ventilation, the importance of continuous air quality monitoring to new technologies and more.

Episode 11: The Link between Environmental Health and Human Health

It has been recognized for some time that protecting the environment is also essential to protecting human health. The environment is an important source of pollution, noise, and hazardous chemicals for humans. Preventing disease and improving health can be accomplished by improving the environment in key areas such as air, water, and noise.

In recent decades, legislation and research have focused on identifying and regulating environmental toxins. Environmental exposures, such as toxic chemicals, air pollution, and biological agents, are widely perceived as the main issue in environmental health. Maintaining a healthy environment goes beyond controlling these hazards.

In this episode we will discuss what are the main aspects of environmental health what is the relationship to human health and what are the main environmental health challenges issues.

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