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Premium Boutique Hotel boosts guest experience with good indoor air quality

Located at the heart of Bangsar district in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Alila Bangsar is a 5-star lifestyle hotel with a reputation for offering guests a superb resort experience right in the middle of a bustling city. 

Going beyond its standard amenity offerings and its focus on sustainability, the hotel wanted to create a new point of differentiation that focuses on providing a healthy, safe, and comfortable stay for the guests. They were looking for a solution that can provide additional value and set a new standard for a 5-star hotel experience in the country.


The main points which the hotel manager wanted to address are the following:

Benefits Achieved:

With uHoo installed in all the suite rooms, Alila Bangsar hotel became the first in the country to ensure safety of its guests, improve productivity of the hotel staff, generate a new revenue stream, and save energy and building maintenance costs through proper indoor air quality monitoring. 

uHoo’s real-time monitoring and data about specific air quality factors such as temperature, humidity, particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), airborne chemicals (VOC) empowered Alila Bangsar in the following aspects: 

Centralized dashboard view allowed for real-time air quality monitoring in the rooms to ensure guest safety and comfort 

uHoo’s dashboard allowed the management to view the air quality status of all its suites and identify the specific areas which needed immediate attention or change, without disturbing their guests. 

Automated resolution of air quality issues in guest rooms.

An air purifier was also installed in each suite. When uHoo detects higher levels of dust particles of airborne chemicals, uHoo automatically switches on the purifier to clean the air. Once uHoo detects that the air has been cleaned, uHoo automatically switches the purifier off. This not only ensured guest health and safety but also helped the hotel save energy, living up to its focus on sustainability. 

New revenue stream for allergen free rooms.

The hotel was able to brand its suites as allergen free with the automated solution of uHoo in combination with a purifier. This allowed the hotel to charge a premium for these rooms, thus creating a new revenue stream for the hotel. 

Bottomline Results:

Giving a premium on the health and wellbeing of guests with good indoor air quality not only results in higher guest satisfaction and increased staff productivity but can resulted in a new revenue stream and an enhanced brand image. 

“Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur is excited to be the first hotel in Malaysia to provide an allergy friendly guest room floor. We are proud to have upgraded all guest rooms on level 40 including the 252 sqm Alila Suite.” — Kamal Munasinghe, General Manager, Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur


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