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We Remember

This is the holiday that serves as the perfect opportunity for all Americans to reflect and ponder upon the sacrifices made by our country’s many men and women, who did everything they can to defend the ideals and protect the country we all call home.

Though the threat of the Covid-19 virus still lingers, the celebrations will be a little bit more festive this year since many have been vaccinated already and protected from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that creates Covid-19. This means more people can now come out, have fun and celebrate this meaningful federal holiday compared to last year’s, which was cancelled because of the pandemic.

Why celebrate? Because in just one day every year, Americans gather to reconnect with its history, be full of joy in our hearts, and remember the way Americans in the service did everything to protect our nation. They fought valiantly against those who threatened our beliefs, courageously protected our way of life, the ideals we all cherish and of course, our freedom that we value so much. Many of them laid down their own lives in order to give us the freedom to live.

This year, air quality sensor brand uHoo joins the entire nation in observing #MemorialDay. Just as we have the right to be an independent nation made up of freedom-loving citizens, we also have the right to breathe easy and protect our families and our homes from an invisible enemy—the air we breathe.

But just like any man and woman in the service, uHoo as an air quality monitoring device stands proud in defending our homes from various air pollutants that will threaten our family members, especially our children. Bring it home and make it work to improve the quality of the air we breathe by making it tell us the presence of enemies, the air pollutants we are so constantly fighting to leave our homes.

With uHoo air quality sensor, we will know how to fight back and keep the family safe as this most advanced air quality sensor monitors up to nine air quality factors that affect our health and wellbeing.

These include the temperature so we can sleep better, the presence of dust to help us avoid allergies, nitrogen dioxide and other harmful fumes, carbon monoxide, air pressure, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), or the gases that come from certain solids and liquids.

uHoo also has the world-renowned uHoo Virus Index, a 10-point scale (Good, Mild, Bad, Severe) that uses air-quality data to enable the family to determine and understand the kind of air pollutants and other harmful viruses, including the coronavirus. This will help the family fight back as the uHoo also provides helpful guides in mitigating virus risks.

Just like in areas where our men and women in the service create battle plans in dealing with enemies, with uHoo, you are equipped with enough knowhow on what to do to fight viruses indoors and optimize the kind of air in the home for better health and safety—and even a healthier country.

So breathe easy this #MemorialDay and enjoy the festivities as uHoo is constantly #RethinkingIndoorAirPollution and strives to help achieve #CleanAirForAll.