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Connect your uHoo and breathe clean air.

Celebrating every one’s hard work

The world’s most comprehensive indoor air sensor recognizes the valuable contribution and hard work of every one, especially in this period of uncertainty brought about by the havoc created by Covid-19
among professionals, learners and households all
over the world.

How important is labor to business and overall national development? Invaluable. That is because labor is an indispensable part of the process of production. No product can go out of any manufacturing facility, no service will ever be done without labor, or what everyone calls workers. Without workers, no company will ever succeed and churn out products that humanity needs.

Even in this day and age of automated production processes where companies use robots because they are supposedly more efficient and cheaper in the long run in terms of wages, robots still can’t function without human intervention. They need a specific—or specialized—labor force to operate them. That is why the talk about machines replacing humans in manufacturing and even in service-provider companies won’t happen just yet.

Nothing can replace human hands at this stage. The human touch—and brain—is still far too valuable to be replaced. Labor is still very much an important backbone of every company and nation.

In honor and recognition of the sacrifices and achievements of every worker for the benefit of the household, the company and country.

This is to show how uHoo looks at the country’s labor force, that they and their service are valued and very much appreciated.

Just like the country’s workers and their contributions to national development, uHoo works diligently and efficiently to protect the household. uHoo does its share to make sure that the household, or even workers at the office, will breathe clean and healthy air, an advocacy that has been part of uHoo’s existence ever since it was introduced to the market.

uHoo will always make sure that workers and their families can truly relax or work safely, knowing that the air they breathe is clean and safe from almost every known air pollutant that can irritate or harm the eyes, nose and throat, which may result to headaches, fatigue or even dizziness that can affect their work performance.

With uHoo, compared to simple air purifiers or sanitizers, it identifies the type of air we breathe and detect the presence of indoor air pollutants that can threaten the family or the work force’s health and wellbeing.

And by using the world’s best uHoo Virus Index and its 1-10 scoring system, family members and office workers can determine the presence of dangerous air-borne viruses, even the deadly coronavirus, so they can take the necessary action for protection.

The uHoo indoor air quality monitor is sleek and pretty, a perfect addition to any home or office. It can be hardly noticeable, but the power and protection it brings is instrumental in bringing clean air to everyone.

Much like what the labor force brings to the company and the country, uHoo works overtime to make sure that the air that passes through our nostrils into our lungs is safe.

This is to make sure that workers can work better, healthier, safer and smarter in the 21st Century.