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Work in peace and breathe with ease knowing the air around you is safe and healthy with uHoo.
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He goes to work practically every day, braving long hours of driving, going to work daily, working in the office for hours on end, most of the time waking up early to take care of matters inside the house before he leaves, and running the majority of important matters and making major decisions related to the family.

Dads are usually made of sterner stuff. It’s not that a common cold or cough will slow him down. But he’s not Superman or Super Dad (to his family, he is); he’s just Dad who’s not invincible.

And with all the kind of work he’s doing, he is vulnerable to health problems.

He IS human.

So how can we help him? As family members, here are a few things we can do in the house that will make Dad feel better whenever he comes home from work.

  • We can make sure that by the time he comes home, he has something to eat. Nothing is more annoying than coming home famished and there’s nothing to eat to whet your hunger. Most Dads would rather drive home than do drive thru so he can get home in a jiffy. Better to eat and be with the family than eat alone.
  • Make sure he has a fresh change of clothes by the time he arrives. He’s been in office wear the entire day and most Dads would immediately change clothes once they’re home. Besides, imagine how he’d smell being in the office practically the whole time. It’s either he smells just like the office, or the same as a co-worker. You wouldn’t want him like that, don’t you?
  • Get off the TV. Dad would probably want to relax and take his mind off of work for a few hours by watching his favorite series or even a movie or reruns, just before he goes to bed with Mom, or he goes to bed, period. These days, work-life balance is a big deal, even if it’s hard for him to do on a semi-regular basis so let’s cut him some slack, shall we?
  • Beer-ready. If your Dad likes to relax and watch TV with a beer bottle in hand, then “beer-ready.” It’s nice to have an ice-cold bottle of beer in the fridge handy, just in case Dad asks for one while watching. That’s probably another one of his myriads of ways to relax. Imagine his smile once you hand over the ice-cold beer bottle. It’s like you’ve hit the jackpot.

And probably, most of all, you can help ensure that by the time he comes home, he has healthy air to breathe. He’s been exposed to a lot of unhealthy air outdoors; the best thing would be to make sure that he breathes healthy air once he’s home and relaxing.

Make the air fresh and breathable so Dad can just sit on the couch, rest and unwind once he comes home. By breathing healthy air, he remains healthy and recharged every day, ready to work and take care of the family day in and day out.

Monitor the air he breathes by setting up the uHoo indoor air quality monitor, Check the quality of air inside the home in the most consistent, efficient and easy manner with uHoo so Dad—and every family member, for that matter—remain healthy.

By using a top-notch air quality monitor like uHoo, you can give Dad that special gift of healthy air for him and the rest of the family to breathe, now that Father’s Day is just around the corner. With uHoo, you get a smart, reliable, affordable, and easy to install air quality monitor that’s so unnoticeable Dad won’t even know it’s there.

And your best weapon in combating indoor air pollution comes with the world’s best uHoo Virus Index. Its 1-10 scoring system allows you to check the kind of air quality circulating around the house, make the necessary adjustments based on what uHoo tells you via your smartphone, and keep Dad and everyone else safe from dangerous airborne bacteria  and other viruses, including the coronavirus lurking  in the air.

So give your Dad that extra special comfort and assurance this Father’s Day with uHoo. It’s not daily that you get to do these things to Dad, given his tight schedule but with uHoo, you can show him how you feel, that you can also protect him and show your love by giving it a breath of fresh air.

Work in peace and breathe with ease knowing the air around you is safe and healthy with uHoo.
15% off plus free shipping
Use code “Save15Fday” on checkout.